GROW -Yoga, Movement & Massage is a multi-modal studio in downtown Fredericton, NB. We offer a variety of yoga and movement classes in our beautiful and inviting studio as well as being the home to three fabulous Registered Massage Therapists and one amazing Naturopathic Doctor!


GROW- change, move, breathe, feel, rest. GROW, because variability is sustainability.


Each class at GROW has a purpose. Cultivated with intelligence and creativity, our classes offer a diversity of movement, mindfulness  breath-work and play. Whether the intent is therapeutic, playful, or challenging our goal is to guide you to a better understanding of yourself through your practice. Sense your body, quiet your mind and engage your system through exploration of your internal horizons.



About the Instructors:










Sherry Younker


Sherry began her exploration onto the path of yoga at the age of 17 after a whiplash injury resulted in chronic pain. A black and white paper back book from a used book store got her started and she then moved on to a VHS copy of a practice by Alan Finger. She then started regular classes at an Iyengar Yoga studio in Charlottetown, PEI and continued that practice after a move took her to Victoria, BC. While in Jasper, AB , Sherry tried a vinyasa class for the first time and loved the free flowing style but missed the attention to alignment that the Iyengar tradition had instilled. Sherry continued to practice various styles of yoga and additionally explored pilates and Gong-Fu over the next 10 years. In 2014 Sherry began attending regular classes at YogaGrow and immediately fell in love with the alignment-based vinyasa style offered at the studio. The attention to detail combined with the flowing circular movements and emphasis on the core muscles was the perfect blend of movement and breath. In February 2015 she enrolled in YogaGrow’s inaugural yoga teacher training. 


Sherry completed her training in July 2015 and began teaching at YogaGrow in September, 2015. She continued her training in 2016, and received certifications in Restorative Yoga, Hanna Somatic Movement, and Thai Yoga Massage. In addition to her work as a yoga instructor, Sherry works as a Registered Massage Therapist. This close work with the human body educates her daily on the miraculous capabilities of the human form. Sherry uses her strong anatomy background and observations of common postural imbalances to create classes that combine both posture and breath-work to help you find your optimal mind-body balance. 

In July 2017 Sherry took the reins of YogaGrow. Honoured to continue the legacy that Amy started but with a desire to take the studio in a more therapeutic direction, Sherry re-branded the studio in November 2017 as Grow- Yoga, Movement & Massage.














Jenn Atkinson

Jenn was introduced to yoga back in 2010 while on a visit home from living overseas in Scotland. She instantly fell in love with the practice as a whole and began to take in as many classes as she could, wherever she was. Between yoga and swimming, Jenn had finally found a way to reverse and heal the effects of chronic body pain and misalignment from years of surgeries and long hours as a bartender.

Jenn discovered Yogagrow in the summer of 2014 when she moved back from Glasgow. Then and there she knew she had found a second home. The fluidity of the words and movement of the transitional-based Vinyasa classes being taught by Amy Murphy and Ally Tomo took her practice to a whole new level. In February 2015, Jenn took the inaugural 200 hour teacher training at and graduated in July 2015 with a completely new way to look at the body.

Shortly after Jenn moved to Vietnam to work and travel. She continued to practice and began teaching private students in her spare time. She moved back in 2016 and has been working her way on the the schedule at 441 King st ever since!

Jenn has had the privilege of participating in retreats, workshops and classes all around the world. Yet she has still to find a studio that offers so much variety and knowledge as her home studio in respect to body-awareness, anatomy, therapeutics and movement.


Anne Cullihal


Anne has always been passionate about wellness and personal growth which led her to a degree in Nutrition and then to Australia to do her Masters in Health Management - where she could combine her study with her love of the outdoors, the ocean, sunshine and travel! Her work as a nutrition counselor, personal trainer and developing workplace wellness programs led her to Yoga but it was not until she went to her first Kripalu Yoga class that she truly fell in love and the door opened to the world of mindfulness, spirituality and the interplay of body mind and energy. Anne found Yoga at a challenging period in her life and she often says, “Yoga found me and just when I needed it most.” 


Anne returned to Fredericton and found a Kripalu teacher who helped her evolve her practice to a new depth.  At this point, she knew she wanted more. “I wanted to dive deeper and live the yogi lifestyle!” Her Teacher leant her, Yoga and the Quest for the True Self by Stephen Cope who began his journey at the Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health. She was inspired to take the journey to Kripalu located in the mountains of Lennox, Massachusetts and complete her Yoga Teacher Training. She did her training to deepen her own practice, but having experienced her own personal transformation, she felt compelled to teach so that she could share this with others. She has been teaching for 5 years at studios in the Fredericton area. She is also proud to say she will always remain a student of Yoga!


Anne defines Kripalu Yoga as “The gateway to Your Yoga” as it offers every student the opportunity to search deeper inside themselves and adapt their practice to suit their mental, physical and spiritual needs. Kripalu Yoga embraces all other styles of yoga which is one of the things she loves about it. It is for anyone and everyone and encourages safe, modifiable ways to practice. It emphasizes breath, meditation and elements of spirituality as well as the physical postures which are the basic foundation of Yoga.


Anne works as a Manager in community wellness promotion with the Government of New New Brunswick and is a proud mother. Each and every day, Anne’s Yoga practice offers her something new that she explores on and off the mat. Yoga has been her pathway to a richer life. “The more I practice, the more I feel connected to what I call my higher Self, the true me. I live my life with more mindfulness and awareness and I experience more happiness, love and deeper relationships.” Anne has also found that a regular Yoga practice is the best way for her to manage chronic pain from arthritis in her neck and to help her stay in great shape. She loves the physical challenge of complex postures. She also feels that her practice has made her a better role model for her daughter.








Heather Loomer


Growing up Heather a love of movement through dance that she reconnected with as an adult when she began a regular yoga practice. Over the past 4 years Heather has been humbled by the mental, emotional and physical strength this practice provides, as well as the freedom it allows. Trained in 2016 by Amy Murphy at YogaGrow in vinyasa flow, Heather has considered the studio home the past 2 years and is excited to share her practice with the community.


Shasta Stairs


Combining her knowledge of movement and mindfulness, she’ll weave the two together to show you one amazing way to work your whole body.

Shasta’s been practicing Pilates for over a decade.  And after become mildly obsessed, she decided the only thing left to do, was teach it as well.  For the past seven years Shasta’s been creating and teaching Pilates classes to change you.  She regularly trains with internationally recognized Pilates and Movement educators in Toronto, ON, and makes a point of trying out new classes wherever and whenever she travels.  You can also easily find her taking regular classes here in Fredericton too.  Shasta is a huge believer that keeping a consistent self practice allows her to continuously expand her knowledge base and better connect with her clients and students.  

In Shasta’s classes you’ll feed off her genuine love for and belief in the Pilates method.   Her classes are challenging, creative and most importantly, a really good time.  Movement, after all, should be fun.  Shasta’s classes will leave you feeling strong, happy, relaxed, and in charge of your body.  It’s a crazy thing that happens when you truly learn and get to know your body.  So take an hour and see what Pilates can do for you.  

A brief bit on her own health and wellness journey: I was never much of an athlete growing up, sports were never really something I was drawn to. Those who know me will confirm that I’m fairly laid back, somewhat introverted and not at all competitive. So entering into adulthood, I found it challenging to stay active physically. Nothing really seemed to stick until a friend suggested I try Pilates. I was hooked from the beginning.  I loved how seemingly simple but challenging it was, how the fluid movements reminded me of my dance background and that my abs were on fire every single class.

Like all relationships, my love of Pilates has evolved over time.  Although I still love to feel the burn in classes, the knowledge I’ve acquired through a decade of experience has changed the way I look at what we teach in Pilates. I love how we take care to organize the body to move efficiently and know that the work we do is building supportive, strong and functional muscles.  Pilates has changed the way I see my body and what it’s able to accomplish. It’s carried me successfully through my pregnancy and postpartum recovery and I’m confident that my Pilates practice will continue keep me strong and capable as I move forward in life.  I love sharing what I’ve learned with people and seeing my clients making those connections for themselves.  Ten years later, whether I’m teaching or taking, I’m still genuinely excited to walk into a Pilates class.









Cynthia Davis

Choosing to step into a yoga class can be a very powerful choice towards balance and wholeness in all aspects of your being. The classes I offer are based on traditional yoga philosophy and principles of Ayurveda, yoga`s sister science. I began my study with Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio and have benefited greatly from further work with Stephanie Calhoun, Paul and Suzee Grilley, Krishna Das and Sharon Salzberg. I have also undertaken studies in Ayurveda and Ayur Yoga with Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and Stephanie Calhoun. I currently continue advanced studies with Paul and Suzee Grilley. All of the practices I offer are based on one simple truth-we are all individuals with different strengths and needs. My intention is that there will be space for exploration of our individual natures and the ability to find our own sensation based alignment so we can have a safe and fulfilling yoga practice.

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