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Core Flow:


Core Flow will be a complete practice with an emphasis on core strength! Expect lots of movement, breath and a good sweat as we focus on the core muscles of the body. You'll be sure to feel some fire in the belly, but your core is so much more than just your abs! An integrated core will make your practice feel lighter and your movement more graceful in your yoga practice and beyond! Expect focused core engagement, coregeous ball belly massage, and learn how these muscles move you through you regular yoga practice. . All-levels


Slow and Restorative:

This class offers a slow and strong flow with an extended restorative pose as or as well as your savasana. We explore basic postures with a therapeutic twist, lots of breath and plenty of props to keep you well supported. This class is designed to build some strength and heat, then mobilize and cultivate calm, relaxing body and mind. Beginner-friendly


Flow & Yin:


A flowing vinyasa practice to move your body and breath paired with yin yoga to settle the mind and stretch deeply. This 75 minute class flow and yin practice starts out with a flow style linking poses and breath in a fluid, fun and meditative style followed by a series of deep yin yoga stretches that challenge connective tissues and settle the mind.   All-levels

Focus Flow:

Awareness and intention! Focus Flow will help you unwind your tissues , mobilize your joints and build strength. Center yourself with breath-work and then bring your focus to working on a different region of the body each week. The focus of this class is to awaken muscles that aren't firing and unwind areas of restriction. The flow is fun, yet focused, a slow burn that will leave you glowing. All-levels

Fundamental Flow:


This class utilizes a mindful approach to movement and is based on the seasons, using the approach of ayurveda ( yoga's sister science ) to harmonize with the season of the year we are in. we will begin by connection with the breath and then experience flowing movement combined with strengthening and grounding postures. Fundamental Flow is open to anyone - new to yoga or wanting to brush up on the basics, with the emphasis on the fun in Fundamental! Beginner-friendly

Pregnancy Yoga:

This class is dedicated to all moms at any stage in their pregnancy, whether new to yoga or the seasoned practitioner. This is a gentle flow that is meant to support your body during pregnancy. We'll encourage gentle movement, strength and mobility to help balance and support the pregnant body through its changes. Stress reduction, breath-work and connection to your growing baby will help prepare you for birth and set the stage for optimal post-natal recovery.Beginner-friendly

Restorative Yoga:

Soften into stillness in this 90 minute class. Restorative yoga is a deep rest for your nervous system - not a movement practice. We will explore long holds in well propped poses to release tension from body & mind. Restorative yoga trains the body to rest deeply so that we are better able to access the mental quietude needed to sleep well, restore the immune system reduce stress and let go of habitual tension patterns. 

This 90 practice will allow you the time to rest deeply and prepare for the week ahead. A great practice to help unwind!

Slow & Strong:

Build heat, break a sweat, wring it out and stretch deeply. This class is designed to build strength and stamina, balance and control, with an invigorating strength series followed by breath filled flowing movements and longer held, deep stretches. We will explore the full gamut of poses heart-opening back bends, strength building balance, and therapeutic stretching. Intermediate


Mindful Flow:


Gain a deeper personal relationship to yoga philosophy and learn how to apply it and embody it in your own personal life on and off your mat. This class will introduce a philosophical theme, take you through a physical exploration of this theme with a creative flow sequence, building some heat and then cooling down with some slower deeper poses fostering inward focus. Realize your full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of yogaAll-levels




Yin yoga is a quiet meditative practice that aims to clear resistance in the body and the mind.  Check in to the deep connective tissue by resting into a stretch or two. Breathe, slow down, and listen. You may loosen the grip of something that's been holding you back. Beginner-friendly


Power & Play


 A creative and conscious vinyasa that builds toward a peak pose with plenty of time to play in your power. Then we will wind back down the mountain and finish with a meditation and savasana to integrate. This class will challenge you to try new things, while remaining accessible with plenty of options to modify as you build more strength to play in your power! All-levels



Flow & Let Go:

The first half of the class will combine flowing movement with strengthening and grounding postures to allow energy to flow and to build inner fire. Then we’ll move into yin poses to promote ease in body, mind and spirit, sending you on to the rest of your Saturday!All-levels

Mobility Flow:

This class is a yoga flow with a mobility twist! A fun self-assessment practice that encourages you to get to know your body and where you may need more mobility and strength. Playful and intelligent, a great class to balance the body and increase mobility and stability to have you moving well and feeling your best! All-levels

Yoga Foundations

Join this 6-week journey exploring the very basics of yoga. Start with breath, build body awareness, mindfulness and connect to your inner self. Learn yogic breath and simple meditation. Explore yoga postures to build strength, flexibility and connect body, mind and breath. Breathe through stress. Get back to the basics and make contact with your inner self. Purely foundations.