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Sherry Younker, RMT 


I am currently welcoming new clients. To book an appointment:


Phone : 506-461-5409 



Therapeutic Massage 

60 minutes -  $95

90 minutes -  $135


Hailing from the sandy shores of Prince Edward Island, I moved to Fredericton to pursue a career in massage therapy. I attended the Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage where I graduated with honours in July 2014. 


As a massage therapist my goal is to assist each client in achieving their health goals by providing massage treatments that create better mind/body awareness, and educate them in remedial exercise to treat and prevent injuries and postural imbalances. 


While attending school I developed a deep appreciation for myofascial release (MFR),  a massage modality that challenges the connective tissues of the body with the aim of restoring balance, reducing pain and improving postural dysfunction. While this deep technique is a passion, I adjust each treatment to suit the current health needs of each client. My treatments vary from focused and deep MFR work to stress reducing and relaxing aromatherapy massage. I have been a student of aromatherapy since 2004 and I am so pleased to provide aromatherapy treatments to further enhance the stress relieving  benefits of massage. 


I have a special interest in stress disorders and designed and completed a case study on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder while in school. The success of the treatment has reinforced my belief in the importance of approaching each treatment from a holistic perspective. I look forward to pursuing further training in this area of interest. 


I currently hold certifications in Aromatherapy,  Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga, and Hannah Somatic Movement , as well as Introduction to Chinese Medicine with a focus on Tui Na and Qi Gong. 


When I'm not working you can find me flowing to some groovy beats in the Grow studio, biking, hiking and skiing the beautiful Freddy trails , and refining the art of silliness with my amazing little boy. 


Melyssa Hutchinson, RMT

Accepting new clients. To book an appointment: 

Phone: 506-259-0820 


Therapeutic or Athletic Massage

60 minutes -  $80



Melyssa is a graduate of the Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage in Fredericton, NB. She received
her diploma with honours, as well as a certification in Sports Massage. As an athlete herself, she has a
keen interest in sports massage and athletic specific treatments.

The combination of many years of athletic training, a passion for movement and a deep understanding
of human anatomy, has given her a unique approach to massage therapy. Her treatments are specific to
each client’s needs and incorporate various modalities such as deep tissue massage, myofascial release,
joint mobilizations, kinesiology taping and passive stretches.

Being a recreational or a competitive athlete can be hard on the body. Massage can help speed recovery
time, reduce regular aches and pain and prevent injury. It can also improve range of motion and body
function to improve your athletic performance.

Dr.Taryn Deane, ND







Accepting new clients!

1-hr appointment includes Acupuncture or Bowen Therapy - $135

30 min appointment (returning patients) - $75


ph: 506-206-6565 (messages only)







Dr. Taryn Deane ND was born and raised in the outskirts of Fredericton, NB. After completing a Bachelor in Science of Kinesiology at UNB, she moved to Vancouver to go to the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. Since moving back to NB, her practice has evolved to focus on showing people that they have what they need in order to look and feel their best. By using the right combination of herbs, supplements, coaching/counselling, and acupuncture or Bowen therapy, patients use the tools provided to fast-track their own way to their version of ideal health.

"It’s hard to pinpoint the moment I decided to pursue a career in this field, it was more of a natural progression towards things that have lit me up since childhood. As the youngest of four siblings, I often found myself observing my family in search of what makes them tick. After a sidelining injury during high school rugby, I was turned off of my original plan to study sports medicine. Around the same time, my sister brought me to a holistic health fair where I finally was introduced to naturopathic medicine. It was the emphasis on treating the cause that pulled my heart in that direction instead."



Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used for over 5000 years! As such, there have been numerous studies that demonstrate how amazing this incredible discipline truly is. Acupuncture involves inserting tiny needles in specified locations to trigger a response in the body. The needles stay in for 15-30 mins before being removed by the doctor. It is very safe and effective.

In order to get the full effects, 1 treatment is rarely enough. Most people require up to 6 sessions to have the desired effect. I offer 60 min session for $135. No HST! Return patients can book 30 mins for $75.


This hands-on treatment applies a series of gentle massage-like movements over muscles, tendons and nerve bundles. These moves, separated by timed 2 minute breaks trigger the body (and mind) to sink into a parasympathetic (ie. relaxed) state.

Modern life causes us to live in sympathetic mode (fight or flight), making rest and healing difficult. Bowen is like an off switch that gives the body a chance to reboot, halt chronic pain and promote wellness. It is exceptionally safe, so it can be used for treating pregnant women, children and the elderly.

Visits last 1 hour and cost $135. No HST! Return patients can book 30 mins for $75.

More often than not, patients notice improvements after 1 treatment. Most symptoms are alleviated after 3-5 visits.



I carry diagnostic test kits for salivary hormone testing. You purchase the kit from the studio then send it off yourself. When the results are in, you’ll be contacted to come pick them up. Visit the Lab website for more info. We have the menu of lab prices available at the studio.

  • Adrenal Stress Index – 4-point cortisol, plus DHEA

  • Adrenal Stress Index Plus – 4-point cortisol, DHEA, Estradiol, Estrone, Progesterone, Testosterone

  • Female Hormone Panel – Estrone, Estradiol, Estriol, Progesterone, Testosterone

  • Multi-Specimen Hormone Panel – same as FHP but over 3 days

  • Male Hormone Panel – Androstenedione, Testosterone, Estradiol, DHEA-S, Progesterone

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