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Flow & Yin:


This class is a great combo, a half hour of vinyasa flow and a half hour of yin yoga. Get on your mat and get moving, release any pent up energy from a day of sitting and the stretch out to unwind and settle your system. A balanced practice of strength and mobility, the flow portion will heat you up and get your yaya's out then settle into a yin practice with a focus on stretching the lower body.All levels


Slow Flow:


In this class we connect mindful-movement and breath, focusing on the transitions between each shape.  Poses are held longer to build internal heat, and plenty of options are offered to add challenge or ease.  Slow Flow is challenging and informative, it is truly what you make it. Beginner-friendly




For this class we turn up the music and move! Barre is an energetic workout that fuses techniques from Yoga, Pilates and Ballet to tone and strengthen the entire body. There are always options to make the class more challenging or to add in more ease. Don't worry, no dance experience required! All levels


Slow and Restorative:

This class offers a slow and strong flow with an extended restorative pose as or as well as your savasana. We explore basic postures with a therapeutic twist, lots of breath and plenty of props to keep you well supported. This class is designed to build some strength and heat, then mobilize and cultivate calm, relaxing body and mind. Beginner-friendly


Flow & Restore:


Slow, strong and therapeutic. One hour of focused therapeutic flow to strengthen and mobilize the body followed by a half hour of restorative yoga to reduce stress and settle your system. Slower than your average flow, yet stronger than a slow flow. Each flow will focus on bringing balanced strength and relief to specific regions of the body, while the restorative portion nurtures your nervous system and prepares you for sleep.  All-levels

Focus Flow:

Awareness and intention! Focus Flow will help you unwind your tissues , mobilize your joints and build strength. Center yourself with breath-work and then bring your focus to working on a different region of the body each week. The focus of this class is to awaken muscles that aren't firing and unwind areas of restriction. The flow is fun, yet focused, a slow burn that will leave you glowing. All-levels

Slow & Strong:

Build heat, break a sweat, wring it out and stretch deeply. This class is designed to build strength and stamina, balance and control, with an invigorating strength series followed by breath filled flowing movements and longer held, deep stretches. We will explore the full gamut of poses heart-opening back bends, strength building balance, and therapeutic stretching. Intermediate


Mindful Flow:


Gain a deeper personal relationship to yoga philosophy and learn how to apply it and embody it in your own personal life on and off your mat. This class will introduce a philosophical theme, take you through a physical exploration of this theme with a creative flow sequence, building some heat and then cooling down with some slower deeper poses fostering inward focus. Realize your full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of yogaIntermediate




Yin yoga is a quiet meditative practice that aims to clear resistance in the body and the mind.  Check in to the deep connective tissue by resting into a stretch or two. Breathe, slow down, and listen. You may loosen the grip of something that's been holding you back. Beginner-friendly


On the Ball: Self-Massage & Therapeutic Yoga


The ultimate therapeutic class. A combination of self-massage using therapy balls and therapeutic yoga. Unwind your tissues and wake up your body's blind spots through self massage; rediscover greater awareness through movements designed to engage your newly awakened muscles. Focused attention to common muscle imbalances and postural dysfunctions will help you feel better in your body.  Beginner-friendly **coming back soon, I promise!


Freedom Flow:

  A fun flowing lunch class to get you moving and keep you guessing! We'll change it up week to week to keep your body engaged and your mind focused. Expect a challenge with options to dial it back as your body dictates. Head back into your day feeling strong!  All levels


Twists & Shoulders:


Respect your ribs and the beautiful organs that they cage. Work from the inside out with deep breathing to begin. “Floss” your shoulders gently at first; we progress into deep chest openers and back-bends once prepped.  This flow class emphasizes twists, and plenty of upper-body strength with planks and push-ups. Use the basics to deeply strengthen ( and even rehab) your shoulders . All-levels

Pilates Flow:


Move through targeted exercises to help you gain control and strength in your core. Feel yourself get stronger from week to week as we work to improve your posture, increase flexibility and find a renewed sense of movement and support. You'll leave class feeling energized, relaxed and complete. Beginner-friendly

Total Recharge:

 We often hold our bodies in a state of constant tension without even being aware of it. This can take an enormous toll on our bodies and the quality of our lives. This class is all about bringing ourselves back to a state of ease. We begin with a short meditation and then focus on unwinding the tissues and mobilizing the joints. This class will help calm your nervous system leaving you feeling refreshed and re-energized!