Sherry Younker


Sherry began her exploration onto the path of yoga at the age of 17 after a whiplash injury resulted in chronic pain. Although injury and pain can be taxing on the body, they can also be great teachers. Sherry has used her own experience with pain and a successful return to function as a source of inspiration and information in how to best guide people working with pain, muscle imbalances and postural dysfunction. As a busy Registered Massage Therapist Sherry has developed her practice and her teaching based on working with the individual and tailoring treatments and teachings to every clients specific needs. Working hands on daily with a variety of people with different levels of health has allowed her to develop an intimate  working knowledge of the body and how stress related conditions, injury and illness can manifest in a vast array of symptoms that can benefit from yoga, massage, somatic movement and breath work. In her observation, those that include movement and stress-reduction techniques as a part of their recovery see results faster than those who rely simply on passive therapies. On top of her training as a massage therapist and yoga teacher, Sherry has taken training`s in self-massage using therapy balls, Hannah Somatic Movement and Restorative Yoga. She uses these techniques, as well as her knowledge of remedial exercise to educate and empower her clients to be an active participant in the recovery of their health and wellness. To book an appointment contact her at sherry@growyogamassage.com


$95/hour (price includes hst)