20 hour-Yoga for the Spine Teacher Training

with Andrea Peloso

November 15th - 17th, 2019

Fee: $550+hst

Early bird: $495+hst-paid in full by Sept. 30th

Non-refundable deposit of 50% to hold your space

Fees payable by e-transfer to sherry@growyogamassage.com

hours: Friday November 15th 6-9pm

            Saturday November 16th 1-9pm

            Sunday November 17th 10am - 6pm

This 20 hour teacher training will provide students with an overview of how to genuinely benefit and protect the spine in yoga - a subject generally misunderstood and even avoided in contemporary yoga education.  

Through an overview of anatomy, biomechanics, and sampling of yoga asana and exercises in the five categories of biomechanics, traction, strengthening, stretching, and relaxation combined with our knowledge of anatomy we will experience first hand how to make our bodies feel fantastic in asana and keep it free of injury.  

We will also discuss related concepts of non-violence and the modern context of yoga as it is generally taught in the west.  

Come prepared to have fun and learn how yoga can help the spine, theory and practice, as well as postural analysis for each student. This training is not only for yoga teachers but for anyone interested in helping themselves take good care of their spine, hips and pelvis. This training will be fun, easy to learn and wonderful for experienced anatomy students but not intimidating for students new to anatomy. Mostly we will just be having great experiences applying what we learn to our bodies.


Course Overview

Students will receive an overview of the physiology of how properly applied yoga helps the spine, how the spine is impacted by daily life, and a special yoga routine for the spine.

From this foundation, students will move into experiencing elongation and natural curves of the spine.  Students will learn how to create length in the spine and to protect the vertebral column and organs.

We will be experiencing applied anatomy and looking at the spine as well as practicing yoga to understand the effect of gravity and mechanics.

Students will find a new sense of space, alignment, and length in their spine and pelvis.

Themes (as time allows) include:

Experiential Anatomy: Understanding Standing, Walking, into Standing

Poses, Forward Bends, and Backbends

Yoga for the Lower Lumbar Spine, Sacrum and Pelvis

Protecting your Spine in the World

Upper Back, and Spinal Curves

Yoga for Thoracic, and Cervical Spine: Back bends that feel fabulous and heal the spine.

3 key outcomes for students participating in the course:

1.  Students will gain a working knowledge of applied anatomy and understand how this is physically experienced so that they can pass this on to other students.

2.  Students will stop thinking of yoga asana as merely stretching the body but come to understand it in terms of the five key elements for balance:  biomechanics, traction, strengthening, stretching and relaxation.

3.  Students will gain a personal understanding of creating a “positive residue” in the body after asana and will be able to distinguish this from more confusing and less clear experiences after asana.



Andrea is a featured teacher with Yoga International and long time student and assistant of Judith Hanson Lasater.  Smitten with yoga at age 15 and teaching since age 22,  Andrea has 18 years of teaching experience, 27 years of practice and over 2000 hours of yoga training with many senior teachers including Ramanand Patel, Francois Raoult, Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty.  She has more than 800 hours of study  with Judith Lasater who she has assisted and studied with since 2004.

Andrea served as an faculty at George Brown College for 5 years as a lecturer and creating curriculum on critical thinking and cultural analysis before her yoga teaching practice drew her out of city.  She shares yoga in Canada and in the United States, Japan, Europe and Oceania offering teacher trainings and workshops in Restorative Yoga, Applied Anatomy, Asana, and full teacher trainings.  She has a degree in Philosophy including courses in Eastern and Indian Philosophy.  Her articles and podcasts can be found online.

Andrea has an energetic, gentle and caring teaching style and seeks to make her classes educational, clear, fun and inclusive.  Andrea is known for attempting jokes in class which are only sometimes funny.




Past Trainings

35 Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

with Andrea Peloso (Toronto,ON)

November 1st-4th, 2018



+ $50 certification fee due with final project paid directly to teacher

$300 deposit  (non-refundable) due upon registration

Registration: sherry@growyogamassage.com

This teacher training is a complete training for those who wish to teach and/or practice Restorative Yoga.  The training is a rich exploration to inform the personal study as well as teaching skills of each student.  Students will learn the joys of restorative yoga through first-hand experience of the postures, and will also learn hands on experience in how to teach students of all levels.  Also, students will learn the Ayurvedic, physiological, emotional, and biomechanical elements of each pose.

An extensive repertoire of beginner as well as advanced postures will be passed on to students with the detail necessary to bring depth and life changing benefits to students.  How to set up the postures in detail, as well as modify for a class with less props will be explored. 

This training fulfills the Yoga Alliance requirements for Continuing Education and is also recognized by CanFit Pro for full credit.  This training certifies students to teach regular lead or preregistered classes at yoga studios, to work privately with students or offer introductory workshops.

Course Curriculum

In the context of this course we will be studying the science of the nervous system as well as Ayurveda and many different postures in different variations.    All of them are not listed below, only a few in certain examples.  Class curriculum will shift to a small degree each time depending on student questions.  Below is a possible course curriculum depending on student questions and interest some themes may be focussed on more than others.

Fundamentals of Teaching Restorative Yoga

Basics of Restorative Yoga

Understanding the Nervous System: Parasympathetic and Sympathetic. How

Restorative Yoga Affects the Nervous System.

The well-propped pose: to prop or not to prop and why?- Stress related disorders, and how they can be caused by an imbalanced nervous system.

Understanding the role of traditional wisdom and scientific understanding as it informs the Restorative Yoga Practice.

Restorative Yoga and the 5 senses. Exploring these concepts practically through practice.

Elements of Support, Restorative Adjustments

The psychology of deep support.

The pranas and their relationship to Restorative Yoga.

The role of mindfulness in the Restorative yoga practice.

A detailed look at proper support of the hands, knees, back, pelvis,arms, and neck in Savasana and elevated chest pose.

Use of blankets to move and support of the body.

Art of touch.

Adjustments with blankets.

Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system with either props or adjustments.

Use of weights, sandbags, smaller seed bag weights. 

Traditional Wisdom, Subtle Elements

The vayus and their relationship to Restorative Yoga.

Cooling and Heating/ Calming and Stimulating: understanding the basics of what each restorative does to various systems and parts of the body according to traditional wisdom.

A detailed beginning exploration of these concepts through Setu Bandha Sarvangasana and Supta Baddha Konasana.

Ayurveda, Western Culture, and Restorative Yoga: The Three doshas and how they relate to Restorative Yoga.


Understanding the affect of these poses on  the full digestive system.

Calming and Restoring

What asanas can best help anxiety and fatigue.

Breathing, Soothing, Lungs, and Liver

Supported Shoulderstand,

Supta Paschimottanasana, and Adjustments.

Closing or opening the lungs with blocks.

Restorative Twists.

The emotion of anger. Restoratives for the liver – healing stagnation, orinvigorating.  Restoratives for Pitta Imbalances.

Pelvis and Lower Back

Grounding the Femurs and balancing the pelvis.

Restorative Variations on Grounding the pelvis, and healing the Back.


Using pillars

Setu bandha sarvangasana variation with bent knees, and sandbag.

Supine Balasana.

Women and Men:  Prostate, Menses and Menopause

Menses: an irregular or painful Moon Cycle/ PMS

Poses for Prostate

Poses for Menopause

Supta baddha konasana with 3 variations

Elevated Blocks pose.

Heart and High Blood pressure: specific techniques.

Pregnancy, Fertility, Sides and Hips

Supported Janu Sirsasana

Supported Pigeon

Restorative Yoga for Pregnancy, and Fertility. Restorative SideStretches.  Restorative side lying poses for scoliosis.

Restorative Yoga and Pregnancy – a lecture on the stages of pregnancy,what to avoid, and when.

Side Lying Savasana,

Supine Virasana and variations.

Kidneys, Heart, Joints, and Depression

Restoratives for Kidneys and Heart.

Restoratives for Depression/ Kapha Imbalances.

Understanding and modifying for specific injuries. Teaching Restorative Yoga with Case studies.

Stimulating Restoratives: Restoratives for Depression, Kidneys andBladder.

Supporting various joint and structural injuries: specific issues, and techniques.

Emotional Healing

Soothing Anger

Calming distress

Comforting Grief

Awakening from dullness and depression

Healing Anxiety

Being Present to the Emotions in a Restorative Practice.


The Art of Sequencing for Classes

Restorative Yoga and the Four Seasons

Teaching for Groups and Individuals

Bringing Students to deep rest: ideal timing, atmosphere, reading the room.

Practice Teaching: Gaining Confidence with presenting the material.


Open to all Students

 Many students have attended this training that were not yoga teachers either to inform their own health and wellness or to inform their line of work.  The training is a rich resource for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of their own health and looking into non invasive, gentle, affordable, but powerful tools for healing. 

Those who have attended the restorative training in the past are police officers, massage therapists, border patrol agents, acupuncturists, social workers, chaplains, nurses, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, teachers or students seeking insight into their own health conditions.

Final Project for Restorative Certification

Components for the final project consist of a journal documenting your Restorative practice as well as a photo journal of private classes with individual Restorative students and a short book report.



Andrea Peloso discovered yoga as a young teen and has been teaching for 17 years.  Her teaching has brought her across Canada, as well as the United States and Japan.
Andrea has over 1750 hours of yoga training and more than 800 hours of study  with Judith Lasater, of whom she is an assistant.  She also has studied with Ramanad Patel, and has hundreds of hours of study with many senior and accomplished teachers as well as the experience of teaching and assisting full time for sixteen years.  Andrea has a degree with honours in Philosophy and Women's Studies and has studied Eastern and Indian Philosophy.
Andrea has an energetic, gentle and caring teaching style and seeks to make her classes highly educational, straightforward, fun, safe and inclusive.


"Andrea Peloso is a dedicated teacher who I trust to offer excellent instruction.  She cares deeply for yoga students and the practice of yoga."  Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D, PT, yoga teacher since 1971, and author of 8 books.


Past Trainings


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Amy Murphy, RMT,

E-RYT200, YACEP (and special guests along the way!)

Move better, think better, feel better.


You will leave this training with confidence to teach- Amy deeply believes that “the more you know, the less you understand.” 


This Vinyasa training is about understanding movement and making sense of transitions. This teacher training will help you realize your own ability to move quietly and seamlessly, and in return, help you translate this message to your students.   Amy has 10 densely packed years of clinical experience as a massage therapist, and one of her finer skills is finding language to relay complex anatomical concepts to the layman.


This training will involve a lot of group conversation and partner work- you will be practice teaching right away. Be ready to share and get to know one another; your human connection and the way you can relate to strangers will make you your best teacher. You will be exposed to different styles of yoga and different teachers along the way to promote an open mind. You will learn how to read a room and find your voice. The discoveries that stem from this experience can not be put into simple words, you will be changed.


Topics covered:

-The pelvis: anatomy, movement, significance *indefinite amount of time contributed to this- repeated theme!*

-The shoulder girdle

-The spine


-Propping (discussed throughout) 

-Deep understanding of cat/cow and how all poses stem-from and relate-to cat/cow and mountain pose

-Minimal cuing, concepts: “the rule of 3,” “ground up,” “say what you see”

-Hands on assists

-Sequencing and class structure

-Standing poses, seated poses, arm balances, twists, back bends, forward folds

-The art of flow

-Reading the room

-Finding your voice


*You are required to teach 10 hours outside of class before completing the 200 hours*

-Written test

-60 minute final practical test (create a class and teach the group)

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Amy Murphy, RMT,

E-RYT200, YACEP IN DIEPPE, NB at Pura Vida Yoga

Join Amy for a 9-day intensive in Dieppe at Pura Vida. 

Dates: July 22- July 30, 2017/ 8am-5pm daily


The remaining 5 weekend dates are TBA.


Find out more here: https://app.schedulehouse.com/SH/Client/003601#workshops