Candlelit Restorative

With Sherry Younker, RMT RYT

Sunday January 12th 6:00-8:00PM


Soften into stillness in this 2-hour Candlelit Restorative. We will explore long holds in well propped poses to release tension from body & mind. Restorative yoga trains the body to rest deeply so that we are better able to access the mental quietude needed to sleep well, restore the immune system and let go of habitual tension patterns. 

This 2 hour practice will allow you the time to rest deeply and prepare for the week ahead. A great practice to help unwind!

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to gather your props and allow time to settle in before the practice.

*Space is limited to 10 participants*



Yoga Nidra

Monday 13th  January 7:30-9:00PM

with Sandy Lund

$20 cash or e-transfer only

***space is limited, please register and pay with Sandy directly***

Yoga Nidra is deep rest for the body, mind and spirit. It is a restorative style of yoga that takes the student beyond relaxation accessing all levels of being. Sandy has been guiding students to calmness and well-being for ten years helping them access intuition, deep peace and joy. This practice is for everyone, regardless of yoga experience. Yoga Nidra has been described as a form of guided meditation. Similar to meditation, the list of benefits is long, some of which include improved sleep patterns, lowered blood pressure, increased clarity of mind, creativity, available energy and overall well-being. Yoga Nidra is practiced in Savasana or sitting- there is nothing to do but surrender and listen. Sandy uses gentle movement and restorative yoga to prepare the body and mind for surrender. Pre-registration required. Contact Sandy for more details.

Sound Bath

Friday January 10th

Friday January 24th


with Lee Miller

$20 cash or e-transfer only

(per session)

***space is limited, please register and pay with Lee directly***

The crystal singing bowl sound meditation is a truly restorative experience for mind and body.

The Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls are made with 99.992% high quality, pure quartz crystal which makes their sound incredibly resonant. Not only can you hear the pure tones they produce, but you can also feel them within your body.
This positively affects all of your energy centres and works on balancing the chakras and naturally allows the body to heal, become balanced and enhances meditation.

The different notes, elements of the alchemy crystal singing bowls have powerful healing tones that can help you tune into your multi-dimensional self, rebalance your chakras and relax your mind.

Lee is an energy practitioner from the UK


 Kundalini Yoga & Live Music

When: Saturday, January 18, 2020 - 2:00-4:00pm

Investment: $40 + tax + Eventbrite fee

Join Jacynte Leger & Bhakta Étienne for a Kundalini Yoga class with live music. Kundalini Yoga is an uplifting style of yoga that uses physical posture, breathing techniques, mudras (hand gestures), mantras (sacred sounds), deep relaxation, and meditation. The practice helps us move into an uplifted and calm state. Our kundalini practice will be followed up with deep relaxation with the gong and a kirtan led by Bhakta Étienne. This class is accessible to new practitioners as well as experienced yogis!


Hands Free Snoga

with Sherry Younker RMT, RYT

When: Sunday February 2nd 1pm-2pm

Phoenix Square ( in front of City Hall)

Fee: By Donation to support the SPCA

We'll keep our mittens dry for this one! Join Sherry Younker, RMT RYT for a fun and functional Snoga class in Phoenix Square (just in front of City Hall).

A hands free class that will focus on gentle strength, balance and mobility to keep you moving well all winter. We'll spend a little extra time on strengthening the lower body and mobilizing the upper body and Spine to keep those snow shoveling muscles balanced and strong.

No experience required, a great practice for those who have limited upper body strength or wrist or shoulder injuries that prevent then from doing a traditional practice. This class is open to everyone! No experience required!

This event is free, however we are accepting donations to the SPCA! 

**please note the location! This is an outdoor event being held at Phoenix Square in front of City Hall